Streaming From Film Festivals Experiment – Early Lessons

The film has streamed from 2 film festivals, RiverRun Film Festival (Winton-Salem, NC) and the Midwest Independent Film Festival (Chicago, IL). Through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads tracking, the film’s trailers received 53,800 views across Instagram and Facebook (Boosting the trailer via Instagram was the cheapest option to get the most views) and 21 paid […]

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Click It. (PSST, press the button on the left or the coming soon on the trailer)  Stream It.  Laugh.  $5.  Tell a friend.  Streaming from the Midwest Independent Film Festival from June 7 (Midnight) til June 30.  If you’re too late for the fun, wait until My Friend’s Rubber Ducky gets into another film festival and the duck […]

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A Film Festival Odyssey Begins

What are film festivals and why do they exist?  I don’t really know.  The film festival circuit is a strange world that comes in all shapes and sizes.  You apply, wait, hope you get in, and move on.  In the US, it’s always a crap shoot based off what’s currently trending, the politics of your […]

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Michael Deller is The Music

I grew up playing soccer with Michael Deller.  Little did we know what the future might bring… Eventually, Mike and I went to college, lived life, played in bands, made shorts, and we reunited in New York.  Mike plays for The Budos Band, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, and writes other fun songs in his free […]

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Why A Stoner Comedy?

Because WEED is HUGE right now.  And I’m pretty sure it’s been HUGE since the dawn of man.  On a serious note, WEED is so HUGE it’s disrupting TAX CODES. After my first feature film, Postales, I wanted to write like their was no tomorrow.  So I went to work on 3 scripts. One of […]

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Why Tai Chi?

The mysteries of tai chi begin with it’s history.  It was founded by a Daoist monk, Chang San-Feng (Zhang SanFeng).  This monk lived for 200 years and was either born in 960 CE or in 1247 CE.  In his lifetime he became one of the Taoist Immortals. In the process, he created internal martial arts […]

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The Inspiration for Guru Harinana

In My Friend’s Rubber Ducky, the main characters listen to self-help tapes from Guru Harinana.  The Guru is inspired by Alan Watts and his lectures.  And the name Harinana come from a good friend’s childhood, Hari Ailinani.  His mom would call out to him, “Harinana, Harinana…it’s time for dinner.”  Later, I’d learn the meaning of Harinana, “Hari, my dear baby boy.”

Thank you mothers everywhere for the endearing nicknames.  Enjoy the good thoughts from Alan Watts.

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Location Scouting in Pilsen

We started finding the locations around Pilsen, walking the streets to find nice exteriors.  The goal is to use locations within a 5 block radius of the house we’re filming in.  I think it’s possible. Pilsen is also known as Little Village, the heart of the Mexican Community in Chicago.  The streets are perfect.  Some […]

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The Casting Process

We’ve found our actors.  Matt Miller, an amazingly talented Chicago-based director of theatre, commercials, and films, helped us out with casting. (Thank you Matt. :-)) We’ve started skype rehearsals and some basic scene work with the script.  Our goal is to have the cast practice over skype until we can meet in person and then […]

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The Second Feature Film

Along the film festival circuit, we heard some very discouraging facts.  Of every first time feature filmmaker, only 25% will make their second feature film.  Of every second time feature filmmaker, only 10% will make their third feature film. I was curious about these facts…So I went to work…I went to help produce, shoot, and […]

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