My Friend's Rubber Ducky

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“For those who prefer their stoner comedies with a less bloodthirsty temperament comes the absurdist romp…smart to keep the stakes low and the cast small. Movies like this live or die on their hangout factor, and the jangled chemistry among this foursome is just amiable (and unpredictable) enough to work. The film really grew on me. “


Chicago Tribune

“With the evolution of marijuana legalization, and the continued hilarity of people getting high, the time has come for a new age stoner comedy. The film is basically a four person comedy, having to do with an uncollected debt and Stockholm syndrome.”


Hollywood Chicago

“So laugh-out-loud funny that someone needs to give writer-director Josh Hyde a big budget already, because his grasp of both comic dialogue and situational humor is standout… It’s incredibly easy to take the premise and script, mentally tweak and expand it a little, and stock it with Seth Rogen, Ed Helms, and two more Hollywood funny people, for a solid, checks-all-the-boxes Hollywood hit comedy.”






Discover redemption and friendship through kidnapping, tai chi, and weed.


Two old college buddies, Joseph and Oliver, reconnect over drinks, eventually arguing about an unpaid debt. Joseph demands the money, unsuccessfully, and locks Oliver in a closet. He convinces his hipster girlfriend and stoner roommate to help.


The rules are simple — "No money. No food. No bathroom.”


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